ALLCLIR sensors support the "three keys" of a disinfection program: Validation, Training, and Auditing.

The ALLCLIR sensor immediately detects when the presence of a disinfectant – whether chlorine-, thymol-, hydrogen peroxide-, or quaternary ammonium-based – is sufficient for proper disinfection to ensue.

The ALLCLIR sensor changes color immediately when initial wetness with disinfectant has been achieved on the surface. Although for true disinfection the disinfectant should remain visibly wet on the surface (i.e. at least 10 microns deep) for anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes or more, depending on the product's labeled "contact time", ALLCLIR confirms the necessary condition of initial wetness. Moreover, ALLCLIR heuristically allows the operator to optimize the application process to avoid the costs of over-spraying – which include damage to the surfaces, environment and perhaps people. Without that very obvious feedback, the operator must rely on visible wetness only, a reliance fraught with dependence on distance, angle, lighting, eyesight and, yes, diligence.

The ALLCLIR sensor provides measurable evidence the surface was wetted with disinfectant. The sensor remains in its triggered state permanently – signaling "ALLCLIR" to cleaners, management, auditors and customers alike. You can then dispose of this special sticker or file it as a permanent record of disinfection.

ALLCLIR. Enter the new world of true disinfection.