ALLCLIR sensors enable you to:
  • Validate the particular disinfectant and sprayer combo (i.e. the disinfection process being used) each and every time. 
  • Heuristically train users to optimize their operation of sprayers or foggers, in terms of discharge distances, application rates and ambient conditions.
  • Prevent both under-spraying and over-spraying.
  • Save time and disinfectant.
  • Minimize any negative impacts to surface materials, operators, staff and customers.
  • Provide auditors with evidence the cleaning crew did indeed wet the surface with disinfectant.
  • Signal repeatedly, ubiquitously yet organically to all relevant personnel the critical importance of "contact time".
  • Create competitive marketing advantage.
  • Reduce staff/student absences.
  • Increase staff/student performance and customer enjoyment.
  • Save lives!